Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 12/8/2023

Research Grants and Student Exchange Fellowships

  • Annette Kade Graduate Student Exchange Fellowship Program. The Kade Fellowship program is based on partnerships between the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and French and German institutions of higher learning, to permit and encourage international exchange of graduate students. Kade funding allows AMNH graduate students to spend 3 months at selected universities in France and/or Germany, and students enrolled in French and German universities to come to the AMNH for 3 months. This program accepts applications by invitation only; applicants—whether based at the AMNH or abroad— must be invited to apply by an AMNH curator. Deadline: Nov. 15, 2023
  • Grant Programs for Students, Postdoctoral Trainees, and Research  Scientists. The AMNH Grants Program offers modest short term awards to advanced students, postdoctoral trainees, and scientific researchers who are commencing their careers in the fields covered by AMNH. Grants are available from four funds each having specific restrictions. Frank M. Chapman Grants support and foster research in ornithology, both neontological and paleontological. Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research support marine zoology. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grants support research on North American fauna in any phase of wildlife conservation or natural history.
    • Collection Study. Deadline: May 1
    • Theodore Roosevelt Grant. Deadline: Feb. 20
    • Lerner-Gray Grants. Deadline: Mar. 15