Research to Practice Center Grants

Funding Agency:
Department of Health and Human Services

 This is a Forecasted Opportunity.

This funding opportunity is for research-to-practice center grants related to promoting health and positive assets to reduce teen pregnancy.     These centers, whether existing or newly created for the purposes of this funding, will synthesize and translate existing research into practice for health promotion and development of positive assets that will lead to adoption of healthy behaviors and ultimately help to reduce teen pregnancy.   Centers would be expected to evaluate or assess best practices, approaches or strategies in a priority protective factor area and make that information easily accessible to health providers, caregivers and others working with youth to prevent teen pregnancy.   Centers will incorporate and expand the current work being conducted by ASPE to identify the components of successful youth programs.   The Centers would be expected to address important and relevant topic areas related to adolescent health promotion, including addressing how the reduction of other risky behaviors (to include substance abuse) would aid in pregnancy prevention.     Priority areas might include: Engaging parents and caregivers; Environments supportive of healthy behaviors; Fostering positive connections to schools, neighborhoods and communities; Active and meaningful youth engagement; Working with youth serving professionals in the systems that serve the most vulnerable youth populations .


Estimated Post Date: Jan 15, 2020
Estimated Application Due Date: Apr 15, 2020  




Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

External Deadline

April 15, 2020