RFI: Nepal Counter Trafficking in Persons (NC-TIP)

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US Agency for International Development

Ending modern slavery is one of the US Government’s top priorities. USAID/Nepal has been supporting the GoN to reduce instances of trafficking-in-persons (TIP) since 2001, and will continue to build on the gains achieved over the past six years with additional support through 2021. Since 2010, USAID/Nepal has focused its programming on reducing TIP and protecting the rights of survivors of trafficking by supporting service provision to survivors of TIP, targeting awareness of TIP and safe migration among vulnerable populations, strengthening the policy framework and implementation to protect individuals from TIP, and building capacity of law enforcement entities to pursue cases in court. 

The Nepal Counter-Trafficking in Persons (NC-TIP) project will build on the successes of USAID/Nepal’s current counter-trafficking in persons (CTIP) activity to strengthen Nepali institutions to address trafficking. NC-TIP will support the Government of Nepal (GON), Civil Society Organizations (CSO), and the private sector to further develop a sustainable system that provides a secure and enabling environment to reduce instances of TIP, protect the rights of exploited and vulnerable, and prosecute cases of human trafficking. NC-TIP also will continue to emphasize a rights-based approach in supporting innovative activities and building upon successes of past USAID-funded, GON, CSO and other donor activities in Nepal. The three NC-TIP objectives are:

1. Strengthened national and local GON efforts to combat TIP

2. Improved CSO advocacy and engagement to address TIP

3. Increased private sector partnerships to service TIP survivors and at-risk populations 

Response Date: Sep. 12, 2016

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September 12, 2016