Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund -- Asia

Funding Agency:
Department of the Interior

The Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act was passed in 1994 to provide financial resources for conservation of rhinoceroses and tiger populations. This Funding Opportunity aligns with the Service's mission. The Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund (RTCF) is soliciting proposals for the conservation of rhinoceros and/or tigers throughout their ranges.

Proposed project work should occur within the rhinoceros or tiger range, or, if work is to be conducted outside of the range, the proposal should show clear relevance to rhinoceros or tiger conservation. If the project includes research, the applicant must provide a convincing argument that the research addresses priority threats and that the results are likely to inform management actions.

Deadline: May 7, 2021

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Amount Description

Maximum Award $ 500,000

Minimum Award $ 50,000

Funding Type





Environmental & Life Sciences
International Opportunities

External Deadline

May 7, 2021