School-Age Trauma Training (SATT)

Funding Agency:
Department of Homeland Security

This school-age training initiative is designed to enhance a bystander’s ability to take decisive, lifesaving action to assist victims with traumatic injuries. The training is intended to provide the knowledge necessary to stabilize the injured and control severe bleeding until first responders arrive on the scene. The effort is aimed at a broad youth-based approach through public/private schools, not-for-profit organizations, faith-based and other civic communities of interest. The training provides research-validated guidance to stop uncontrolled bleeding from traumatic injuries using materials readily found at an incident or worn by the victim and citizen responders. The primary target audience is high school age students. 

The development, delivery and operational maintenance of School-Age Trauma Training (SATT - final name of training to be proposed by grantee and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)) is intended to establish a long term, self-sustaining mechanism (e.g. no further Federal funding beyond Phase III) to deliver, free to the public, lifesaving trauma training to high school-age citizens for mass casualty events.

The goals of this initiative are to; 1) develop and implement a Business Plan for a selfsustaining mechanism to implement lifesaving curriculum and techniques into high schools and other youth-based communities of practice (e.g. faith-based and other civic communities and distribution mechanisms; 2) develop research-validated content and multimedia materials, training and applications available through various mediums and distribution channels; 3) develop an online mechanism to promote the discovery, access and sponsorship (e.g. donations and philanthropic contributions) of SATT trainings and materials; and 4) implement and maintain SATT training and materials to make it available to the broadest available community at no cost to the public and low or no cost to the recipient organizations who are sponsoring/hosting the training. 

Deadline: Aug. 27, 2018

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August 27, 2018