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CooperVision is dedicated to raising the bar on product excellence and creating the next generation of contact lenses. To accomplish this, we maintain a strong commitment to advanced research and development.

The goal of the Science and Technology Award Program is to bring award recipients and CooperVision scientists together to explore new areas of technology advancement. Proposals should demonstrate significant potential for research discoveries within CooperVision key focus areas for 2021. We recognize and highly value the need to find the best ideas that have the potential to deliver benefits to people across the globe.

Research proposals may span proof-of-concept through translational stages. For this purpose, two types of awards are offered:

CooperVision Seedling Award
The CooperVision Seedling Award is intended to incentivize collaborations with CooperVision in a new research area for a one-year period. The maximum total cash amount for a CooperVision seedling is $100,000.

CooperVision Translational Research Award
The CooperVision Translational Research Award is a multi-year award for a substantive translational research project with funding over two years, totaling up to $400,000.

Deadline for Letter of Intent: July 15, 2022

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Areas of Interest

The key focus areas for 2022 are:

Novel Methodologies to Enhance Global Ophthalmic Clinical Insights, with emphasis on:

  • Remote data collection strategies for intercontinental and local assessment of clinical contact lens performance and related ocular physiology

New Technologies for Prediction, Prevention, and Treatment of Myopia, including:

  • Novel ways of collecting information about the visual environment
  • Myopia control modalities and quality of life / visual efficiency measurements
  • Ortho-K applications for Myopia management
  • Applications of Digital Therapeutics for Myopia
  • Intelligent systems (machine learning) and big data approaches for identifying eyes at risk of developing pathology due to refractive error

Eligibility Requirements

Any researcher with Principal Investigator (PI) status holding a MD, OD, or PhD is eligible to apply. Applicants, such as postdoctoral fellows, with a waiver of PI status must submit appropriate documentation before funding can be received.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Medical Fellow/Resident
Post Doctoral Fellows


Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

July 15, 2022