Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology

Funding Agency:
National Science Foundation

Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology supports innovative research that addresses the deep-time sedimentary crust and advances our understanding of environmental and evolutionary change.  The program seeks to fund projects that focus on: (1) the changing aspects of life, ecology, environments, and biogeography in geologic time based on fossil organisms and/or sedimentological data; (2) all aspects of the Earth's sedimentary lithosphere – insights into the geological processes and rich organic and inorganic resources locked in rock sequences; (3) the science of dating and measuring the sequence of events and rates of geological processes as manifested in Earth's deep-time (pre-Holocene) sedimentary and biological (fossil) record; and (4) the geologic record of the production, transportation, and deposition of modern and ancient physical and chemical sediments.


Deadline: Full Proposal Accepted Anytime

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Estimated number of Awards: 20 to 30

Anticipated Funding Amount: $7,400,000

Annual estimated program budget, number of awards, and average award size/duration are subject to the availability of funds and the quality of the proposals.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences