Seizure Gauge Challenge

Funding Agency:
Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Innovation Institute (Ei2 ) is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for the My Seizure Gauge initiative pairing longitudinal intracranial EEG recordings with a host of peripheral measurements (such as biosensors, digital markers, passive measurements, etc.) to identify new relationships between brain state and non-invasive or minimally invasive read-outs. A successful team will be composed of clinicians who can recruit participants with existing intracranial devices implanted, data scientists and device interoperability experts who can ensure successful data integration, and researchers who can propose different parameters to measure and analyze. Ei2 plans to fund at least $3 million to a team over a three-year period. 

Recognizing that not all organization(s)/individual(s) interested in participating have existing partnerships that would ensure a successful full grant application, all interested parties are encouraged to submit an LOI by December 22nd addressing which assets the individual(s)/organization(s) could contribute to the project. Those with accepted LOIs will be invited to a February 21st workshop in San Francisco, California where there will be opportunities to find partners prior to the full grant application and have discussions on key decision criteria for a successful grant. Note that pre-formed teams may also submit an LOI, and if selected, attend the workshop. Please see Letter of Intent section under Applicant Instructions for more details. Full grant applications will be due on May 11th, 2018. 

Our overall goal is to collect prospective data from a cohort of individuals who have had intracranial EEG devices implanted. The ideal application will outline a recruitment process for individuals with ambulatory intracranial EEG recordings, propose rigorous methodology to measure a myriad of additional factors, and then mine the data for new clues about what happens in the body in the days, hours and minutes before a seizure. Insights from this study can then be used to design less-invasive approaches to a future seizure gauge device for forecasting seizures.

This award is designed to foster collaborative research amongst researchers with complementary expertise and capabilities, who will work together to advance our understanding in seizure risk assessment. Ei2 expects to provide at least $3 million over three years to multidisciplinary teams of two or more established Principal Investigators (PIs). 

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Eligibility Requirements

PIs must hold a full‐time faculty or industry appointment at the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) or above at an academic, non‐profit research institution, or industry organization whose primary mission includes medical research within or outside the United States.

Amount Description

For all proposals, the level and duration of funding may be adjusted by the Epilepsy Foundation as appropriate for the scope of the proposal and the funds available. Partial funding will also be considered to obtain proof‐of‐ principle data in support of innovative ideas with transformative potential. The Epilepsy Foundation will not provide more than 10% of the total award amount for indirect costs, overhead costs, or other similar institutional charges. Full‐term funding will be contingent upon review of annual progress reports and other oversight activities conducted by the Epilepsy Foundation. Multi‐year support is not automatic for any Epilepsy Foundation award and is conditioned on submission of complete and accurate progress reports and demonstrated progress on the funded proposal.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
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External Deadline

December 22, 2017