Short-term Fellowships

Funding Agency:
Jefferson (Thomas) Memorial Foundation

Short-term fellowships are awarded for one to three months, open to academics and scholars from any country, subject to selection by committee. Successful applicants will be working on Jefferson and Jefferson Era related projects, defined broadly. Topics in the past have included: archaeology (including the Digital Archeological Archive of Comparative Slavery); the enslaved community and their descendants (potentially making use of the Getting Word African American Oral History Project); the material culture of Monticello; Jefferson’s views on religious freedom, his role as author of the Declaration of Independence, Founder of the University of Virginia, and leader of the Democratic-Republican political party, among many, many other things.

Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies (ICJS), where they will have access to Monticello’s expert staff and research holdings at the Jefferson Library as well as the University of Virginia. Fellows are also expected to be active and engaged members of the scholarly community here at the ICJS. In addition to participating in other activities, during their residencies, each fellow holds a 60-minute forum on their research projects. 

Residential accommodation may be available on a limited basis at no cost. Because the ICJS is located in a rural setting with no public transportation, it is necessary for fellows to either rent a car, bring their own car, or make arrangements with a local cab company for transportation. 

There are several kinds of short-term fellowships offered by the ICJS: One for International Scholars (the Peter Nicolaisen International Fellowship), the second for Domestic Scholars (the Batten and First Union Domestic Fellowship), and the third for specialized projects like the DAACS (Digital Archeological Archive of Comparative Slavery) Fellowship. 

Deadline: Nov. 1; Apr. 1


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April 1, 2024