The Sjöberg Prize

Funding Agency:
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has invited Duke to nominate candidate(s) for The Sjöberg Prize 2021. 

The Sjöberg Prize for cancer research is awarded to scientists who have made major contributions to our knowledge about disease mechanisms, risk factors, or the treatment or prevention of cancer.

This new prize is based on a donation from the late businessman Bengt Sjöberg and amounts to 1 million US dollars of which 1/10 is a personal award, with the remainder being used for research. It is therefore a requirement that the nominated scientist is still conducting high-quality cancer research and is, preferably, in an ascending phase of her/his scientific career. The prize should preferably be awarded to one recipient, but may be divided among up to three recipients.

Nominations will be treated confidentially and managed by a prize committee that reports to the Academy's Class for medical sciences. The final decision regarding the Sjöberg Laureate(s) 2020 will be made by the Academy in full session.

Nominations should contain a succinct description of the achievements on which the nomination is based, along with a short description ofthe nominee's current research activities. Recognition of female excellence in science is encouraged. The name of the nominee should be kept confidential and nominees should not be informed privately about the proposal before or after the nomination period. 

Deadline for Nominations: May 1, 2020

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May 1, 2020