Smart City Air Challenge

Funding Agency:
Environmental Protection Agency

Here’s a chance for communities to demonstrate their leadership in managing hundreds of air quality sensors at the local level.

EPA is challenging communities across the country to collect data using hundreds of air quality sensors as part of the Smart City Air Challenge. The agency is offering up to $40,000 apiece to two communities to help them develop and implement plans for collecting and sharing data from air quality sensors.

To qualify for the challenge, communities will need to submit plans for deploying hundreds of air quality sensors and managing the data they collect. EPA will award up to $40,000 apiece to up to two communities that have the best data collection strategies, including their plans to share their data management methods with other communities. The award money only covers part of the program costs, so communities will need to partner with sensor manufacturers, data management companies or others to get resources and expertise to implement their plans.

After a year, EPA will evaluate the two projects and award up to an additional $10,000 to the winning communities based on their accomplishments and collaboration.

The challenge is open from August 30, 2016 to October 28, 2016. Through the challenge, communities have the opportunity to adopt the paradigm of big data, citizen science, and the Internet of Things as they address air quality problems that are relevant to them.

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Community Outreach and Engagement
Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

October 28, 2016