Soil Carbon Monitoring Training and Outreach Agreements

Funding Agency:
US Department of Agriculture

NRCS is announcing the availability of four regional funding agreements to provide training and outreach for assessing and monitoring the effects of Climate-smart practices on soil carbon sequestration and the use of a NRCS conservation evaluation and monitoring activity that provides financial assistance to producers for deep core soil organic carbon measurement. For FY 2022 NRCS has made $8 million total available for 4 agreements targeting the Northeast, Southeast, Central, and West regions of the United States; 1 agreement will be awarded in each of the regions. The maximum amount for a single region award in FY 2022 is $2 million and the minimum funding for each award is $1.5 million. The agreement may be 2 to 4 years in duration. Applications will be accepted from eligible entities and must include a strategy to reach equity in historically underserved communities.

Deadline: Nov. 28, 2022

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for this opportunity is limited to the following entity types: a. Native American tribal governments(Federally recognized) b. Native American tribal organizations(other than Federally recognized tribal governments) c. Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3)status with the IRS (other than institutions of higher education) d. Nonprofitsthat do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS (other than institutions of higher education) e. Private institutions of higher education f. Public and State-controlled institutions of higher education g. Members of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) Network h. State governments

Amount Description

The estimated funding floor for this opportunity is $1,500,000, and the estimated funding ceiling is $2,000,000. The funding floor meansthe minimum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded. The ceiling is the maximum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded. These numbers refer to the total agreement amount, not any specific budget period.

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Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

November 28, 2022