Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/2/2024

Solar System Workings (ROSES 2024)

This program solicits investigations that address compelling scientific questions into the evolution of our Solar System during the time that large planetary bodies were in or near their modern configuration up to the present day. Typical studies focus on: planetary bodies and/or their satellites and rings, including their interiors, surfaces, atmospheres, exospheres, and magnetospheres. Projects may also concentrate on specific processes as they occur within the Solar System (e.g., orbital dynamics, astrochemistry, plasma interactions), or involve terrestrial analogs of planetary materials and/or environments. This program supports a wide range of activities including theoretical, analytical, observational, experimental and field-work studies as well as efforts that partially or wholly rely on synthesis of previous works.  

Proposals may be submitted at any time until March 28, 2025.