Spinal Cord Injury Research on the Translational Spectrum (SCIRTS)

Funding Agency:
Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

The Spinal Cord Injury Research on the Translational Spectrum (SCIRTS) portfolio focuses on research designed to improve understanding and advance the current treatment of acute and chronic spinal cord injury. The goal of the portfolio is to address gaps in the field and advance novel approaches to improving function and developing curative therapies after spinal cord injury. The scope of this program is broad, encompassing mechanistic, preclinical modeling, translational and/or clinical research. 

There are three funding categories in the SCIRTS portfolio:


Two-year Postdoctoral Fellowships encourage early-career training and specialization in the field of spinal cord injury research.


Two-year Pilot Research Grants help to establish new investigators in the field of spinal cord injury research and support studies by established investigators who are undertaking new directions in their work. These grants cultivate new lines of research and generate essential preliminary data.


Three-year Senior Research Grants encourage senior-level investigators to expand the scope of their work in targeted studies that will move the field along the translational spectrum. These grants are intended to open new areas of research, fill gaps in the spinal cord injury field and encourage cutting-edge ideas and approaches that have great potential, despite some additional uncertainty.

Deadline for Letter of Intent: June 9, 2023


Junior Faculty
Medical Fellow/Resident
Post Doctoral Fellows


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

June 9, 2023