Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows Program

Funding Agency:
RAND Corporation

The purpose of the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows Program is to stimulate the development of the next generation of thought leaders on nuclear security related topics by supporting interdisciplinary research that will advance policy-relevant understanding of the issues.

Fellows will carry out a year-long period of independent research but will also be given an opportunity to be associated with RAND client-sponsored research (up to one day per week). Within their RAND tenure, fellows are expected to produce policy-relevant studies that contribute to the general body of knowledge on nuclear security. The written product will be considered for publication by RAND.

Each fellowship will extend for a full year beginning in September of each year. Fellows will be located at one of RAND's three U.S. locations for the duration of their fellowship (Santa Monica, CA; Washington, DC; or Pittsburgh, PA). Additionally, each fellow will receive a stipend: doctoral students will receive a $65,000 stipend, post-doctoral students will receive an $101,000 stipend, and junior faculty members will receive a $137,000 stipend.

Deadline: Jan. 19, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for the program will be post-doctoral students or tenure track junior faculty members. Doctoral students may be considered if they have a well-defined dissertation topic in the field of nuclear security and are enrolled in a widely recognized graduate program, and must include as part of their application at least three dissertation chapters (that have been approved by the candidate's adviser for submission). Junior faculty at law schools or with a law degree as their terminal degree are eligible. Prior experience will be defined broadly to include disciplines such as nuclear policy, security, engineering, physics, and related fields.

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Grad/Prof Students
Junior Faculty
Post Doctoral Fellows


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External Deadline

January 19, 2024