State-Based Public Health Laboratory Biomonitoring Programs

Funding Agency:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity is to increase the capability and capacity of state public health laboratories to conduct high-quality biomonitoring science and assess human exposure to environmental chemicals within their jurisdictions. Improved exposure assessment will enable states to reduce or eliminate exposure to certain environmental chemicals by helping to identify at-risk population groups and assess the effectiveness of interventions to reduce harmful exposures.

Applicants may propose biomonitoring activities based on one or all of the following strategies: state-wide population surveillance, targeted investigations, and rapid response. Recipient activities will include biomonitoring to assess exposures of concern, enhancement of laboratory capability/expertise, coordination/collaboration with partners to improve exposure investigations, and reporting of findings to key audiences.

As a result of recipient activities, CDC anticipates the following outcomes during the period of performance: increased use of biomonitoring to track state-specific exposures and reduce harmful chemical exposures, improved nationwide biomonitoring capacity and capability, greater efficiency and stronger collaborations in conducting biomonitoring, increased awareness of the value of biomonitoring among the general population and scientific community, and improved quality of chemical exposure assessment across the U.S.


  • Letter of Intent: Mar 15, 2019
  • Application: Apr. 26, 2019

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Areas of Interest

Component A: State-wide Population Surveillance supports biomonitoring investigations that establish reference exposure levels or monitor trends in exposure for chemicals of concern based on a state-wide representative sample of the population within the state and territorial jurisdictions.

Component B: Targeted Investigations support assessment of population exposures in response to a community health concern or discovery of chemical contamination. Rapid Response supports urgent biomonitoring analysis in response to emergencies such as ingestion of contaminated food, uncontrolled releases to air and water, or chemical spills at work or in the community.

(Optional) Component C: Equipment funding for recipients to purchase analytical biomonitoring equipment. This limited funding for Component C is based on availability of funds and the laboratory demonstrating a bona fide need for equipment. 



Amount Description

Average Award for component strategies:

  • Component A and/or B: $350,000 - $1,000,000
  • Component C: not to exceed $400,000

Funding Type





Community Outreach and Engagement
Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

April 26, 2019