Strategically Focused Research Networks: Health Technologies & Innovation

Funding Agency:
American Heart Association

The American Heart Association’s purpose in offering this Health Technologies & Innovation Strategically Focused Research Network (NETWORK) is to:

1) Research the role and value of innovative technology solutions to improve health outcomes, optimize costs, increase health engagement and patient/provider connectivity. It’s anticipated that the NETWORK will serve to enhance research collaboration across disciplines and may further validate the value of existing health technology solutions or establish novel technology approaches – equally favorable endpoints.

2) Build a robust collaborative research team across the Network by providing the Network with structures and funds to conduct a high impact joint network research project (NETWORK PROJECT).

3) Incubate, nourish and explore, during the initial four-year award funding period, the creation of an enduring AHA Health Technology Research Collaborative (COLLABORATIVE) to endure subsequent to the four-year funding award. Potentially consisting of the four selected Centers, the COLLABORATIVE infrastructure may serve as an AHA research ‘think tank’ to assist with identifying, creating, testing and bringing to scale future innovative health technologies.

 An institution may submit only one AHA strategically focused research network application for any SFRN competition. 


  • Duke Internal: Interested applicants should contact Paul Noe as early as possible
  • Required Letter of Intent: Nov. 12, 2019
  • Full Application: Jan. 7, 2020

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Eligibility Requirements

AHA SFRN awards are limited to U.S.-based non-profit institutions, including medical, osteopathic and dental schools, veterinary schools, schools of public health, pharmacy schools, nursing schools, universities and colleges, public and voluntary hospitals and others that can demonstrate the ability to conduct the proposed research.  Applications will not be accepted for work with funding to be administered through any federal institution or work to be performed by a federal employee, except for Veterans Administrations employees.

The Centers are not transferable to other institutions. An institution may submit only one AHA strategically focused research network application for any SFRN competition. Individuals at the applicant institution who are not participating in their institution’s center and project(s) application may participate in another separate institution’s center application. Individuals participating in their institution’s center application, other than the Center Director may participate in a separate institution’s center application. The application may include individuals and/or projects at more than one institution provided there is evidence for a successful close personal and geographical interaction among research and training personnel.

Each Center applicant must partner with at least one nonresearch-intensive institution and its scientists and include them in a substantive manner in the scope of the center and project.

Amount Description

Duration: 4 years Award

Amount: The maximum budget amount an applicant may request is $2.5 million. The AHA reserves the right to determine the final award amount for competitive projects based on need and potential impact.  

Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

Internal Nomination

Interested applicants should contact Paul Noe as early as possible.

External Deadline

November 12, 2019