Student Technology Prize in Primary Healthcare

Funding Agency:
Ambulatory Practice of the Future

This 9th Annual Student Technology Prize in Primary Healthcare is a unique $200,000 competition for engineering students to encourage and support innovative clinically-relevant, primary-care technology concepts. It is administered under the auspices of the Massachusetts General Hospital's "Ambulatory Practice of the Future" (APF) and sponsored by the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust. The top prize is $100,000. 

This annual national competition is intended to encourage graduate and undergraduate engineering students to direct their creative skills toward the needs of primary care. We seek innovations which have a substantial potential to support improved delivery of this care. These may be technologies, instrumentation, devices, systems, or the like. 

Technologies of particular interest are ones that could improve access to medical care, leverage the skills of caregivers, automate routine tasks, increase workflow efficiency, support patients with chronic disease, increase compliance with care protocols, reduce medical error, or augment the physician-patient relationship. Applicants should pay close attention to these objectives, as technologies supporting specialty care are of much lesser interest to the judges. 

Innovations are sought for use in any setting, not just those of the traditional medical-practice office. The full range of venues of daily living, from home to work and beyond, present attractive opportunities for innovations which could enhance the quality and continuity of primary care. Applications directed at global-health needs are also welcome, though the entries must be from students in U.S. universities. 

Short pre-proposals from students are due by May 1, 2017.

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Pre-Proposals from students are due by May 1, 2017. The online submission site will open on April 3, 2017 and remain open until the deadline of May 1st at midnight. Five Finalists will then be chosen from these pre-proposals, and each of these will be awarded $5,000 to advance their work, and to help them prepare a full 20-page-maximum final proposal, which will then be due September 25, 2017. The First-Prize winner will receive $100,000 for support of their team’s work and career advancement, and the second prize winner will receive $50.000. Each of these two major awards will be in addition to their earlier award of $5,000.

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Grad/Prof Students


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Clinical Science
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May 1, 2017