Summer Fellowships

Funding Agency:
St. Baldricks Foundation

These awards offer a $5,000 stipend (one per institution) for a student to work on pediatric oncology research. Summer fellowship program directors can contact for application information.

Institutions may submit only one new Summer Fellow application per year.


  • Duke Internal: December 19, 2018
  • Full Applications are due December 31, 2018

Grant Guidelines:


Agency Website

Eligibility Requirements

Summer Fellowship Award: Eligibility Requirements/Qualifications

St. Baldrick’s offers Summer Fellowship Awards, funding stipends for students to work in a pediatric oncology setting for a summer. The total award, paid to the institution, is $5,000.

Applications for summer fellowships must be submitted by the mentor via email (please note award type in subject line of email). Mentors of interested students, please review requirements below and contact for more information.

• Summer Fellowships are one of many funding categories offered by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation; it is possible for a program/institution to receive funding in more than one category. Each program/institution may submit one application in the Summer Fellowship Award category

NEW 2019 limited submissions policy exception: Each program/institution may submit one additional LOI/application in the Spring funding cycle in one program/funding category of their choice. This is one additional LOI/application overall for the cycle, not one additional LOI/application per program/category. o Due to high interest from donors and low numbers of past applications, the following qualify for the above limited submissions policy exceptions: § Brain tumors – all types, including rare forms

§ Burkitt lymphoma

§ Complementary and alternative therapies

§ Hepatoblastoma

§ Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

§ Rhabdoid tumors



• During each grant cycle, a researcher can only apply once as the lead Principal Investigator for all other grant categories; an additional application may be submitted for Summer Fellows.

• Institutions must be located in the United States.

• Applicants need not be American citizens; however, they must work at an academic, medical, or research institution within the United States.

• A program/institution is defined as an entity essentially operating under one management. o Any questions or questionable situations will be reviewed by a subset of the Scientific Advisory Board of St. Baldrick’s. Questions can be emailed to, please include a copy of the applicant’s biosketch.


• Institutions that are actively involved in (sponsor, promote, or participate in) non-St. Baldrick’s head-shaving fundraising events are not eligible to apply for St. Baldrick’s funding.

• St. Baldrick’s funds may not be used for human embryonic stem cell research.

• Research projects must have direct applicability and relevance to pediatric cancer. They may be in any discipline of basic, clinical, translational, or epidemiological research.


• A single program/institution may apply for the grant to cover up to two (2) summer Fellows, splitting up the available $5,000 award; in such cases, information from both Fellows and mentors (if applicable) will be required.

• In situations with two (2) mentors, due to ProposalCENTRAL system limitations, one mentor will be the main contact on all award documentation.

• While the summer Fellow(s) does not have to be selected prior to applying, the mentor and research plan must already be in place.

• The mentor should currently be working in the field of pediatric oncology research.

• Summer Fellow(s) must be an undergraduate student, medical school student, graduate student, or resident.

• Summer Fellow(s) must not have been a past awardee.

• The grant budget may include salary, stipend, supplies, and other direct costs related to the summer fellowship expenses. Grant funds cannot be used for tuition.

• All awards will be payable to the research institution (or to its foundation or funding arm) to administer for the purposes of this grant only.

• Summer Fellow(s) work must be completed within a year of the funds being awarded, or the funds must be returned.




Funding Type



Grad/Prof Students
Medical Fellow/Resident


Medical - Clinical Science

Internal Nomination

If you are interested in applying for this funding opportunity, please send the following items in one PDF to Erin Carr and Daven Reagan by Friday, December 19, 2018.

  1. Applicant’s biosketch
  2. Two (2) page summary including:
  • Funding Type (from available list provided in the SBF-Grant Guidelines)
  • Title of the proposed research project
  • Area of focus of the research project (childhood cancer type or other research focus)
  • Relevance of the proposed research project to the mission of St. Baldrick’s, to cure childhood cancers
  • Brief rationale for the proposed research project
  • Brief timeline of the progression of research
  • Brief statement of applicant’s eligibility
  • Budget and budget justification

Internal Deadline

December 19, 2018

External Deadline

December 31, 2018