Sustainable U.S. and Palestinian Higher Education Partnerships

Funding Agency:
Department of State

The Public Diplomacy Section of the Palestinian Affairs Unit (PAU-PD) of the U.S. Department of State invites U.S. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), U.S. Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Palestinian universities to submit proposals to jointly design and implement a project that will further internationalize their institutions and better prepare students to become globally empowered citizens while also advancing the PAU-PD mission to advance peace and the development of a prosperous, stable, and transparent Palestinian society, economy and system of governance through substantive engagement with American people, institutions, ideas and ideals in order to improve American-Palestinian relations and create greater opportunities for mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation. This project should advance the PAU-PD objective to support elements of Palestinian civil society working to strengthen their communities in line with American values.

Both institutions should work together to scope out areas of collaboration, identify opportunities, and engineer a model of internationalization in higher education that will contribute to achieving the institutions' objectives and deliver multidisciplinary, intercultural programs to students. Preference will be given to projects that set up long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

A partnership agreement should be put in place to guide and coordinate the efforts of both institutions. Partnerships between U.S. HEIs and Palestinian universities are of paramount importance as they offer the benefits of internalization to both institutions; leverage resources and develop the capacity of partners; and build trust and promote mutual understanding among students, faculty and administration. The proposal should map out a scope of work that may include, but is not limited to, the following activities: online learning; joint research activities; degree and non-degree programs; staff and student mobility; curriculum development or enhancement; as well as on-campus and virtual activities. The aim of these activities is to increase the local and global connectedness of Palestinian faculty and students and to develop students’ “21st century skills” which include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Deadline: Aug. 10, 2020

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible primary applicants for grant funding must be U.S. Not-For-Profit Higher Education Institutions, U.S. Not-For Profit Organizations that develop and manage higher education programs, and/or Palestinian Not-For-Profit Universities.



Amount Description

Total available funding: Award will be capped at a maximum of $200,000. Although all requests will be considered, proposals will only be funded up to this amount.

Funding Type





Arts & Humanities
Curriculum Development
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
International Opportunities
Social Sciences

Internal Nomination

Owing to the sponsor's restriction on the number of applications that may be submitted from Duke, anyone wishing to pursue nomination should submit the following materials as one PDF.

* A letter of support from dean or chair - 1 to 1.5 pages
* Project summary - 2 to 4 pages
* CV or Biosketch of project leader

Please submit internal materials through My Research Proposal.(Code ILN)

Instructions for setting up your account and uploading internal applications can be found here: Instructions_FINAL.pdf

External Deadline

August 10, 2020