Tools and resources to understand the vascular pathophysiology of in vivo neuroimaging findings in TBI-related dementia and/or VCID (U24 - Clinical Trials Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The purpose of this Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementia (ADRD) initiative is to promote the development and distribution of innovative technologies, methods, protocols, and biomedical materials that enhance combined human neuropathology and neuroimaging research with data aimed at understanding the underlying pathophysiology of in vivo imaging results typically associated with vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID) in TBI-related dementia and other ADRD diagnoses.

Resources developed under this FOA must follow open data sharing practices and are intended to expand the broader research community’s capacity to perform research aimed at neuropathologically-informed understanding of the vascular pathophysiology of clinically-relevant, in vivo neuroimaging findings.


Application Due Date: March 17, 2023


RFA-NS-23-002 Expiration Date March 18, 2023

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Application budgets are limited to $1.0M in direct costs per year and need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

Up to 5 years

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March 17, 2023