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Posted: 4/4/2024

Towards a greener future: Micro-algae production of base chemicals

BASF is actively seeking base chemicals sourced from bio-based feedstocks to support our existing value chains and achieve our future Net zero targets. We seek to replace traditional petroleum-based building blocks with building blocks obtained through bio-based feedstock. 

The utilization of micro-algae as a feedstock for bio-based base chemicals, such as bio-Naphtha, is a topic of interest. However, a challenge with micro-algae is that we have not yet identified a cost-efficient cultivation process to enable its use for base chemical production. The main challenges, we see, are limited biomass productivities so far realized at scale, a large water and energy demand, and high capital and operational costs associated with the cultivation of micro-algae as well as the conversion of the biomass to base chemicals. 

With promising advancements being made globally in micro-algae farming techniques, harvesting methods, and the development of more efficient microalgae strains to enhance biomass production, BASF is excited to partner with academics and start-ups to increase the efficiency of micro-algae production and enhance the sustainability of our value chains.

We would like to find new approaches existing in academia and start-ups for boosting efficiencies in micro-algae production and processing towards bio-naphtha or other base chemicals. The main levers we currently see for improvement of economics in the area are genetically modified microalgae, combination of microalgae farming with wastewater streams or flue gas addition; however, we are open to additional creative solutions too.

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Amount Description

Preference is for a Material transfer agreement of algal biomass and/or bio-naphtha extracted from algae. However Sponsored research funding may be proposal and milestone dependent, and projects may range from $50,000- $150,000.