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South Arts

The South is home to an abundance of traditional art forms, whether they are indigenous to the region or reflect the traditions of recent immigrant communities. Traditional arts are shared aesthetics, practices, and values of families, geographic communities, occupational groups, ethnic heritage groups, etc. Traditional arts are learned orally, or by observation and imitation, often through a mentor artist instructing an apprentice. These traditions are usually maintained without formal instruction or academic training. Some traditional arts have a deep-rooted history with little change, while others are constantly evolving and adapting to their changing environment.

Examples of traditional art forms (performing and visual arts) practiced in the South include Afro-Cuban batá drum, Catawba pottery, Zydeco music, Indian Bharatha Natyam dance, Anglo American quilting, Peruvian retablos, African American Sacred Steel, Chinese Zheng, Cherokee storytelling, and Minorcan netmaking, among others. 

Traditional Arts Touring Grants increase the public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the traditional arts in the South. These grants support in-person or live virtual residencies by Southern traditional artists in Southern communities. Traditional Arts Touring Grants are available for requests from $1,000 up to $5,000. This program requires a 1:2 match. 

The Traditional Arts Touring Grant Program works to increase public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the traditional arts in the South, through funding projects that bring a traditional artist/ensemble for a residency of two or more days in Southern communities.

This funding program is open to a wide variety of organizations, including community cultural organizations, schools/colleges/universities, libraries, museums, performing arts presenters, etc. Although only these organizations are eligible to apply, the program funds activities that serve both communities and traditional artists. 

Organizations are eligible for only one Traditional Arts Touring Grant through the South Arts fiscal year. Interested applicants from within Duke should contact as early as possible.

Application Deadline: March 13, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Organizations in South Arts’ nine-state region are eligible to apply. South Arts’ nine-state region includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • Organizations must have not-for-profit, tax-exempt status, or be an official unit of local, county, or state government. Governmental organizations must provide proof of government status. Educational institutions (schools, school systems, colleges, and universities) are eligible. South Arts does not accept applications from fiscal agents for this grant program.
  • All applicants must have a UEI (Unique Entity ID) number. Applications will not be accepted from organizations that do not have a UEI number. Visit for additional information about UEI numbers as well as instructions on how to receive one. If your organization has used a DUNS number in the past, this link also provides instructions on transitioning to a UEI.
  • Eligible projects must include the following:
    • Engagement of a traditional artist or ensemble (who meets the description above of a traditional art form) that resides in the South Arts region, but in a state other than the applicants. 
    • The residency must include at least one in person or live virtual public presentation and two in person or live virtual educational activities. 
    • The residency must be a minimum of two days.
    • Projects must take place in the applicant’s state.
  • Projects may include performing (music, dance, and storytelling) and/or visual arts/crafts.
  • Applicant must provide a 1:2 cash match. 
  • Organizations that have failed to submit final reports for any previous South Arts grant by the time of this application will not be considered for funding in this grant cycle.
  • Organizations that fail to properly acknowledge South Arts’ AND the National Endowment for the Arts’ support in programs and press materials will not be considered for additional funding.
  • Organizations are eligible for only one Traditional Arts Touring Grant through the South Arts fiscal year, July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025. 
  • Organizations receiving funding through South Arts’ Presentation Grants or Express Grants during FY25 (July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025) are not eligible for this grant program.

Amount Description

The minimum grant request is $1,000. The maximum request is $5,000.

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Arts & Humanities
Community Outreach and Engagement

External Deadline

March 13, 2024