Translational Medicine and Therapeutics -- Postdoctoral Fellowships

Funding Agency:
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation

“Translational medicine and therapeutics is a discipline focused on bridging experimental and computational technologies and discoveries in the research laboratory to their application in clinical practice. Examples of research components include activities in molecular and cellular biology, pathophysiology, systems biology, bioinformatics, modeling and simulation, and other quantitative sciences to connect basic biological concepts and entities to directly address unmet medical needs. The goals are to use clinical observation as the basis for hypothesis generation to further basic research and to efficiently advance the product of basic research to patients.”

The Translational Medicine and Therapeutics program aims to promote development and use of experimental and computational methods in an integrative approach toward clinical needs in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. This can involve enhanced understanding of human biological and disease processes, but requires a strong translational component. The program will support the concepts of translational medicine and therapeutics as defined by the Foundation and requires collaboration between basic and clinical research.

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2021.

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Areas of Interest

Translational Medicine and Therapeutics awards will advance training and support career development of scientists engaged in research that significantly integrates innovative technologies with advanced biological, chemical, and pharmacological sciences and engineering methodologies in areas such as

  • Genetics (Molecular, Pharmaco-, Population, Medical)
  • Genomics (Functional, Structural, Toxico-, Pharmaco-, Comparative)
  • Systems (Biology and Pharmacology)
  • Pathways and Networks
  • Integrative Biology
  • Modeling and Simulation
Target Identification and Validation
  • Biomarker Discovery and Validation
  • Vaccine Development
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Imaging
  • Disease Modeling

Emphasis is placed on development of new experimental and computational approaches and technologies that facilitate translation of research into an elucidation and understanding of normal processes of human biology, as they function in disease, to directly support clinical needs.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants (U.S. and non-U.S. citizens) must have a firm commitment from a sponsor (a.k.a. mentor) at an accredited U.S. university or research institution.
  • Applicants must hold a PhD, DSc, DEng, or MD degree, and seek to further develop and refine their skills and understanding of Translational Medicine through postdoctoral training. If you do not hold one at the time of application submission, please state in your extended letter when you expect to receive it, as it must be received before funding could begin. Funding can begin as early as July 1, 2021 or as late as December 1, 2021.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply at the earliest point possible in their postdoctoral research.
  • Applicants must write and submit a research plan and provide the mentor’s research record, as well as a description of how the mentoring experience will enhance the applicant’s career development in Translational Medicine. A key component of Translational Medicine involves collaborative programs that span non-clinical and clinical domains, potentially involving multiple laboratories, advisers, and institutions.



Amount Description

This award provides $60,000 in stipend support per year for one or two years.

Funding Type



Medical Fellow/Resident
Post Doctoral Fellows


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

February 1, 2021