Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 7/8/2024

Uganda Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance APS

The United States Agency for International Development in Uganda (USAID/Uganda) seeks applications from non-profit and for-profit organizations to participate in USAID’s Uganda Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Annual Program Statement (APS).

This APS is intended to increase the sustainability and impact of USAID/Uganda’s development assistance through civil society and non-governmental organization related partnerships in the following areas:
1. Civic Education and Engagement
2. Media Strengthening

The Uganda DRG APS is USAID/Uganda’s invitation to civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other interested organizations to work with USAID as an Implementing Partner to determine how our respective interests and objectives align, and jointly identify and define problems, challenges, and opportunities that can most effectively be addressed by working together. The Uganda DRG APS also provides a process through which USAID and prospective partners can jointly examine and leverage our respective expertise, resources, and capabilities to scope, develop and implement effective solutions to the problems and identified challenges. These partnerships help achieve core objectives in ways that could not be done alone. By engaging with civil society and non-governmental organizations, USAID hopes to increase the reach, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainable impact of development investments.

An Applicant may submit only one concept paper per addenda. Interested applicants from within Duke should contact fundopps@duke.edu as early as possible.


Closing Date: July 5, 2025

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is unrestricted. Eligible implementing partners include (but are not limited to) non-governmental/non-profit or civil society entities, and private sector independent media organizations. USAID/Uganda is particularly interested in working with Local Entities, Locally Established Entities, New Partners, and Non-traditional Partners as Implementing Partners. However, this solicitation is not specifically limited to these categories, and USAID/Uganda strongly encourages concept papers from all interested entities.

Amount Description

The total amount of funding to be awarded under this APS will depend on the variety and quality of the concepts USAID/Uganda receives and the availability of funds for these purposes, but it is estimated at approximately US Dollars (USD) $25 million. USAID/Uganda intends to award 2-3 Fixed Amount Awards, Cooperative Agreements, Renewal Awards, and/or Simplified Grants. Resulting awards are not expected to exceed USD $15 million per award. Based on the availability of funds, USAID/Uganda reserves the right to fund any, or none, of the concept papers submitted. USAID/Uganda also reserves the right to fund a concept in its entirety or in part. Concept papers should have a request of at least USD $250,000. However, it is not always true that more funding achieves better results; therefore, USAID reserves the right to fund concept papers that fall below this amount. The decision to make an award, or multiple awards as a result of this APS, or none at all, will be made solely by USAID/Uganda.