United States Coast Guard -- National Recreational Boating Safety Survey Solicitation for White Papers

Funding Agency:
Department of Homeland Security

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Boating Safety Division is inviting non-profit organizations, universities and colleges to submit White Papers with recommendations related to “methods” for conducting the National Recreational Boating Safety Survey (NRBSS). This survey is intended to produce valid and reliable estimates of recreational boating participation and recreational boating exposure measures for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico on a regular and continuing basis (e.g. every two or three years). The USCG has up to $1,500,000 per year available to conduct the NRBSS either on an every two-year ($3 million), or every three year ($4.5 million) basis. The authorizing authority for this project is Public Law 114-94.

The USCG is employing a two-step submission process in an effort to solicit interested parties to conduct the NRBSS. Interested applicants will first submit a White Paper that will be reviewed by a team of survey research experts and agency staff personnel to assess their overall merit in response to the announcement. If an applicant’s proposal is deemed to be cost-effective and/or approach of collecting the information requested is within the USCG’s scope of analyzing the data, the applicant may be invited to submit a formal grant proposal. The formal grant proposal will build on the concepts and methods presented in the White Papers. Based on a review of these proposals, an applicant will be selected to receive a grant to conduct the NRBSS.

The White Paper is to describe the applicant’s methods of designing and implementing a modern approach (e.g., data collection methods, sampling design, analytic statistics) that can be consistently employed into the future to conduct the NRBSS. The collections approach will have to be reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The USCG is also seeking input to aid in deciding whether to conduct the NRBSS on an every two-year or every three-year schedule. The decision will be based on estimated costs, the reliability of the survey estimates (especially the recreational boating exposure estimates); the ability to identify and analyze recreational boating safety related trends; and of course the ability to produce and make available results in a timely fashion.

The USCG is especially interested in receiving White Papers that propose a different more reliable and efficacious blend of collection methods and technologies. The previous National Recreational Boating Survey (NRBS) employed a combination of telephone interviews, mail and web-based surveys to identify registered boat owners in states that would not provide their contact information and non-registered boat owners for the purpose of the survey, and to collect recreational boating participation data from members of the general public and exposure data from a recruited panel of registered, documented and non-registered boat owners. The White Paper should assess the 2011/12 NRBS data collection methods and offer recommendations for the best combination of data collection methods/technologies to: (1) identify a sufficient and representative sample of different types and sizes of both registered and unregistered boat owners to produce reliable boating exposure estimates for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, (2) collect exposure data as close to the point of activity as possible (e.g., as close as feasible to when boating occurs) in order to reduce recall bias, and (3) achieve higher response rates (than realized in the 2011/12 NRBS). 

USCG will accept White Paper submissions with a due date of Friday, October 28




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External Deadline

October 28, 2016