University Nuclear Research Infrastructure Revitalization

Funding Agency:
Department of Energy

The Office of Nuclear Energy’s (NE) mission is to advance nuclear energy science and technology to meet U.S. energy, environmental, and economic needs. NE has identified the following goals to address challenges in the nuclear energy sector, help realize the potential of advanced technology, and leverage the unique role of the government in spurring innovation:
• Keep existing U.S. nuclear reactors operating;
• Deploy new nuclear reactors;
• Secure and sustain our nuclear fuel cycle; and
• Expand international nuclear energy cooperation.

NE strives to promote integrated and collaborative research conducted by national laboratory, university, industry, and international partners under the direction of NE’s programs; deploy innovative nuclear energy technologies to the market; and optimize the benefits of nuclear energy.

Collectively, all NE-sponsored activities support the Department’s priorities to combat the climate crisis, create clean energy jobs with the free and fair chance to join a union and bargain collectively, and promote equity and environmental justice by delivering innovative clean energy technologies.

The development of nuclear energy-related infrastructure and basic capabilities in the research community is necessary to promote Research and Development (R&D) that supports nuclear science and engineering (NS&E), NE’s mission, and the nation’s nuclear energy challenges. Accordingly, DOE intends to facilitate the education and training of nuclear scientists, engineers, and policymakers through graduate and undergraduate study, two-year programs, and R&D that is relevant to the Department and the U.S. nuclear energy industry in general.

NE is seeking applications from U.S. universities to conduct Infrastructure Revitalization activities in support of this Infrastructure Revitalization FOA.

Application Due Date: February 14, 2024

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Areas of Interest

The intent of this FOA is to award approximately one (1) cooperative agreement, for up to four (4) years, to a consortium consisting of universities, national labs, and/or industry partners. The consortia must be university led.

The consortia project shall establish and/or enhance nuclear research capabilities at U.S. universities, especially in support of:
(1) nuclear cyber-physical protection,
(2) new digital technologies in advanced nuclear reactors, and
(3) the development and safety assessments of small modular reactors.

Eligibility Requirements

In accordance with 2 CFR 910.126(b), eligibility for award is restricted to U.S. universities and colleges.



Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

February 14, 2024