Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/2/2024

US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Broad Agency Announcement

The mission of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (CCDC Soldier Center) is to “Maximize the Warfighter’s Survivability, Sustainability, Mobility, Combat Effectiveness and Field Quality of Life by Treating the Warfighter as a System”.

Our focus is to deliver world class research, development, systems engineering, and services with a unique human-centric focus by: • cultivating a highly motivated, expert, and agile workforce; • exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations; • delivering what we promise at an unprecedented pace and honoring our commitments; • fostering long term strategic partnerships and collaborations with key customers, other Government agencies, industry, and academia.

By treating the Soldier as a system, we strive to EMPOWER, UNBURDEN, and PROTECT the Soldier to be comparable to other decisive weapon systems. The Soldier operates primarily within a small unit. Therefore, we focus on both the individual and his/her tactical environment including his/her unit.

This BAA shall remain in effect until 28 February 2025 unless superseded, extended or canceled. Concept papers will be accepted until the close of business on 28 February 2025. Proposals may be submitted at any time after the concept paper has been approved and until the BAA closing date of 28 February 2025. Awards against this BAA may be made until 30 June 2025.

Areas of Interest

Our goal is to provide the American Warfighter the best equipment for the best price through research, development and engineering in the areas of: • Combat Feeding Equipment and Systems; • Combat Ration Research and Development (R&D); • Warfighter Systems Technologies; • Shelters and Life Support technologies for ContingencyBasing; • Airdrop - Advanced Personnel and Cargo Airdrop Systems; • Textile Technologies; • Modeling and Simulation; • Neuroepidemiology; • Warfighter Advanced Technologies. • Technology Enabled Capability Demonstrations

This Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is intended to fulfill requirements for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing state-of-the-art technologies and/or increasing knowledge and understanding as a means of eliminating current technology barriers. This BAA DOES NOT focus on specific systems or hardware solutions.

Eligibility Requirements

The CCDC Soldier Center will consider concept papers and proposals based on this BAA from the following organizations and firms interested in conducting scientific research: • degree-granting colleges and universities, • nonprofit research institutes, • foreign organizations, and • commercial firms (including Large Businesses, Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, Women-Owned Small Businesses, Historically Underutilized Business Zone Small Businesses, VeteranOwned Small Businesses, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses.