Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/18/2022

U.S. Mission to Bolivia -- Emerging Leaders TechCamp 2022

Sixty emerging leaders from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela will be assisted by established IT professionals in learning about existing technologies and developing online solutions to improve their media literacy and counter disinformation. They will learn how to become effective force multipliers and devise creative follow-on projects to disseminate fact-based information and techniques for verifying news content within their own communities. 

Applicants will need to organize and host visitors from different cities throughout Bolivia, as well as Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela, who are selected to participate in this program. Participants should include 30 Bolivians and 7-8 emerging leaders from Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela, for a total of 60 participants.

The grantee will need to coordinate all logistics, including but not limited to domestic and international travel, hotels, meals, venue rentals, welcome event, honoraria for experts, and supplies needed for the event.

Deadline: Aug. 7, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is open to all non-profit, non-governmental organizations. Individuals are not eligible for an award under this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Organizations may subcontract with other entities, but only one, non-profit, non-governmental entity can be the prime recipient of the award. When sub-contracting with other entities, the responsibilities of each entity must be clearly defined in the proposal. For-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.

Funding Type