V Scholar Cancer Research Program (Adult)

Funding Agency:
V Foundation

PURPOSE OF AWARD: The V Scholar Award supports young tenure-track faculty early in their cancer research career by funding projects that are either laboratory-based fundamental research or translational research.

SPECIAL FOCUS AREA: ANY area of adult cancer research that is focused on laboratory research that increases our understanding of cancer biology or translational research that improves cancer detection, prevention, treatment, and survivorship. While not required, we encourage applications proposing research to develop better methods for earlier detection of cancers since this research area is a focus of fundraising in 2022. Research areas not included in this scope are epidemiology, behavioral science, and health services research. As in previous years, we encourage applications from underrepresented minorities in cancer research.

GRANT SPECIFICS: The total amount of the grant is $200,000, paid in two annual installments of $100,000. Only direct costs of the research are supported by this award.

The Duke Cancer Institute has been invited by The V Foundation to participate in their 2022 V Clinical Scholar Program.  This call is for any area of adult cancer research focused on laboratory research that increases our understanding of cancer biology or that improves cancer detection, prevention, treatment, and survivorship.

The DCI is invited to submit two nominees (if at least one of the two nominees identifies as someone from an underrepresented in science minority ethnic group (details outlined in RFA).  We will be conducting an internal review of applications. The following items are required and will be reviewed by the DCI’s Scientific Review Committee.

If you are interested in this funding opportunity, please submit the following information in one PDF to karen.judge@duke.edu by Thursday, April 14th at 5pm.

  1. 2 page PDF - please include the following:

    1. Title of the proposed project
    2. Applicant’s eligibility (see RFA)
    3. Brief description of the Research Proposal
    4. Brief description of the Applicant’s eligibility
  2. Budget and budget justification
  3. Applicant’s NIH biosketch

Please note that if you are chosen as the nominee, you will need to submit the required Letter of Recommendation from the nominating director with the Nomination form. Without this Letter, you will be ineligible to apply. The RFA contains information regarding elements required in the letter.

Selected nominees will be notified by April 19th, 2022.  The nomination form & letter of recommendation (to be submitted to V Foundation by the DCI) are due April 28th, 2022. If selected as the nominee, the full application is due by May 16, 2022.

This funding opportunity is open to DCI members only.

Agency Website

Areas of Interest

Special Focus area: Any area of cancer research is eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

Each invited institution may submit up to two nominees to apply for this call if at least one of the two nominees identifies as someone from an underrepresented in science minority ethnic group. We continue to raise funds to support the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund which supports V Scholars from minority ethnic groups that tend to be underrepresented in the scientific community. For the purposes of this application: Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos (non-European), American Indians or Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders are minority groups eligible for this funding. Among our highly ranked finalists for the 2022 V Scholar Award, we will designate at least one minority applicant to be supported by this fund.

Inclusion: Nominees must be all of the following:
• Nominated by their Cancer Center Director or similar high ranking research official.
• Employed at a non-profit research institution (e.g., 501c3, Section 170).
• Either a US Citizen or a permanent legal resident in the US. This requirement does not apply to invited Canadian institutions.

• Possess at least 2 years post-doctoral (MD or PhD) fellowship training. For MDs, a minimum of one year is acceptable if only one year is required for their specialty.
• Clinical scientists are eligible if the research institution demonstrates that it will fully support the research applicant (e.g., dedicated lab space, committed research time, start-up funds).
• By the Due Date of the Application (not Nomination due date), applicants must:
o Hold a tenure-track faculty position as an assistant professor at their cancer research institution. Non-promotable, adjunct, affiliated, temporary, part-time, or acting faculty positions are not eligible.
o Have been appointed to their first full-time tenure track Assistant Professor position for no more than 5 years, and not yet been promoted to Associate Professor.



Funding Type





Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

Internal Deadline

April 14, 2022

External Deadline

May 16, 2022