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Posted: 4/18/2022

Value Assessment Challenge Awards -- Health Equity Challenge Award

As a part of its overall Value Assessment Initiative, the PhRMA Foundation has established the Value Assessment Challenge Awards to help promote leadership and innovative approaches to determining value in health care.

Ensuring equity in value requires capturing and communicating differences in outcomes and preferences that impact diverse and underrepresented populations.

We invite submissions based on bold and creative ideas to advance methods and process associated with value assessment (and/or value elements). The PhRMA Foundation seeks papers that describe solutions to one or both of the following questions. (The total response must not exceed 3,000 words excluding title, figures and bibliography.)

  1. What methods or processes can be employed to inform clinical and/or economic evaluations to capture important differences in experiences, preferences, and health outcomes of diverse populations, particularly among groups typically underrepresented in research?
  2. What templates or techniques can be employed to convey these differences in how results are communicated when adequate data are and are not available?

Deadline: March 1, 2022

Eligibility Requirements

Award opportunities are open to all individuals and organizations with a specialization in health economics, outcomes research, clinical sciences, health care evaluation, public health, health equity or related disciplines.

Eligible applicants (or collaborators) should be affiliated with an academic institution in the United States, U.S. patient group or organization focused on improving health care in the U.S.

Collaboration across stakeholder groups and fields of discipline is encouraged.

The Value Assessment Initiative encourages new researchers to apply for funding. Researchers and collaborators who have received a Value Assessment Award or funding from the PhRMA Foundation in 2020, 2021 or 2022 are not eligible to apply.

Amount Description

Recipients of Challenge Awards may be asked to present their winning papers at a public forum. Awards will be given in the following amounts.

  • The winner will receive $50,000
  • The runner up will receive $25,000
  • Third place will receive $5,000
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