Vessel Strikes to Sturgeon and Threats to Recovery

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Department of Commerce

Shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Available information indicates that among the most significant threats to the species' persistence, vessel strikes are a relatively significant cause of mortality in at least some areas. Other significant threats include bycatch in fisheries, impacts to larval and/or juvenile survival (e.g., impingement and entrainment in water intakes), and impacts to habitat, including water quality. The available information on the extent of these threats, the factors that increase risk, and potential management measures to respond to these threats is often limited. We are soliciting competitive proposals for grants and/or cooperative agreements that will support specific projects to be carried out in NMFS' Greater Atlantic Region (Maine through Virginia) that provide information that can help us understand and address these threats. Total funding available under this notice is not anticipated to exceed $250,000. Actual funding for this program is contingent upon FY 2016 Congressional appropriations. Award amounts will be determined by the proposals and available funds; one or more awards may be granted. 

Deadline: Jun. 3, 2016

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Areas of Interest

The priorities are:

  • Vessel strikes - Better understand the risk factors (hydrodynamics, speed, vessel size, etc.); quantify the threat posed by vessel strikes (reporting, necropsy protocols etc.); identify measures to reduce the risk of vessel strike.
  • Recovery actions - identify conservation actions that can be undertaken to address other primary threats to the species. Priority threats include impacts to larval, and/or juvenile survival, impacts to water quality/quantity, and other habitat impacts. Because NMFS has other funding mechanisms in place for bycatch reduction strategies, we will not consider funding bycatch assessment or reduction projects with this funding opportunity

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are individuals, institutions of higher education, non-profits, commercial organizations, state, local and Indian tribal governments. Federal agencies, or employees of Federal agencies, are not eligible to apply.



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Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

June 3, 2016