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Posted: 4/18/2022

Violence Against Women and Substance Use Prevention Initiative

NOTE: This is a Forecasted Opportunity.

The Office on Women’s Health anticipates the availability of funds to support grants focusing on the intersection of intimate partner violence (IPV) and substance use disorder (SUD). Domestic violence during pregnancy is associated with numerous health problems for mothers and infants, including more health problems during pregnancy, likelihood of premature labor, lower infant birth weight, and increased prenatal substance use. Research indicates the co-occurrence of substance use and IPV necessitates screening for multiple risk factors to help clinicians tailor prevention and treatment interventions.

To address this need, the Office on Women’s Health anticipates supporting projects to train SUD treatment providers on IPV. These awards will: (1) Develop pilot projects to develop and/or implement evidence-based interventions addressing the intersection of IPV and SUD during the pregnant and postpartum time period; (2) Train SUD treatment providers on addressing IPV with patients; (3) Create and utilize best practices that serve as standards of excellence for others to employ; (4) Integrate IPV and SUD protocols into ob-gyn, primary care, pediatrician, and family medicine practices; (5) Integrate perinatal and postpartum programs into existing substance use programs; and (6) Implement a process and outcomes evaluation and develop a plan to sustain evidence-based interventions for IPV and SUD that significantly improve health outcomes in the pregnant and postpartum period.

OWH anticipates project periods of up to 3 years in annual budget periods. Recipients will be required to submit a non-competing continuation application for each budget period after the first. Funding for the budget periods after the first will be contingent upon availability of funding, satisfactory performance (including recipient progress towards meeting stated project milestones and goals, timely submission of required reports, and compliance with all grant terms and conditions), and the best interests of the government. OWH anticipates offering a competitive fourth year for the purpose of providing limited funding to support selected projects in their transition to sustainability.


Estimated Post Date: Mar 15, 2022 Estimated Application Due Date: Jun 01, 2022  
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