Yelp Dataset Challenge

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Yelp connects people to great local businesses. To help people find great local businesses, Yelp engineers have developed an excellent search engine to sift through over 61 million reviews and help people find the most relevant businesses for their everyday needs. Yelp is proud to introduce a deep dataset for research minded academics from its wealth of data. 

Submissions should reflect creative uses of the Dataset Challenge Academic Dataset. Submissions must be originally developed or implemented, and must not violate or infringe on any applicable law or regulation or third party rights). 

Participants may submit their project by uploading or submitting a link to a research paper or other document, blog, slide deck or video, or any other medium that sufficiently communicates their use of the Dataset to Yelp. 

Deadline: December 31, 2019

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Eligibility Requirements

Contest is open only to undergraduate and graduate university students in countries not restricted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury. 

Amount Description

Students who come up with an appealing project have the opportunity to win one of 10 awards for $5,000. Additionally, if the students publish a research paper about the winning research in a peer-reviewed academicjournal, then they will be awarded an additional $1,000 as recognition of the publication. If the student is published, Yelp will also contribute up to $500 to travel expenses to present the research using Yelp data at an academic or industry conference. 

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Grad/Prof Students


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

December 31, 2019